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Net Worth

Your net worth is your assets minus your liabilities. This can include everything from your retirement accounts to your credit cards.

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Your assets are items of value. Things like your car, stocks, or savings accounts are good examples.

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This financial term is technically a debt. It's usually one that must be paid every month, like student loans or a car payment.

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We all know this one, it's how much we are earning or the money that is being deposited into our accounts.

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Forget about budgeting, simply tracking your expenses will help you better understand what's going out every month.

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Credit score

"It's the single most important three-digit number in your life." It might not mean much to you, but it does to everyone else.

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Learn more about the founder and his financial transparency.

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We have all had our ups and downs. My financials are at the lowest point they have ever been. Follow along to watch me reach my goal of getting out of debt and eventually becoming financially independent in real time.

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That's right, you can view the founder's actual net worth along with his assets, liabilities, and cash flow. Don't worry, your personal dashboard will remain 100% private and secure.

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